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Developed in 2015, the Lagan Lip Saver is designed to protect the lower lip of single reed players. The LLS is custom molded to the player's teeth in the comfort of their own home and will last for years without deteriorating. It can be washed and will stay securely on teeth while speaking or switching instruments. My favorite feature is the firmness of the LLS- it smooths out sharp teeth while still being firm under the lip, so the embouchure is not negatively affected like some of the other, spongier solutions.


Designed to alleviate pain and improve ergonomics in the right hand of the soprano saxophone, the LWS is a highly customizable accessory that utilizes the thumb hook and hardware that are already on the horn. The LWS allows you to position your thumb further up on the instrument, straightening out your wrist. You can move the thumb hook anywhere over a 1.5” area, while opening up the hand position to feel more like an alto or tenor saxophone.

Lagan Saxophone Wrist Saver 2.jpg
Saxophone End Plug 3.jpg



This space-saving end cap is perfect for storing your Lagan Lip Saver, flexible ear plugs, or whatever you might be covering your bottom teeth with. The unique expanding pedal design allows the end cap to fit securely in any make and model of saxophone (currently available for alto and tenor) while protecting the octave stem and providing a secure fit in your case. The cage-like design includes holes throughout allowing your Lip Saver to dry fully without introducing moisture to your instrument.


These “universal” flexible mouthpiece caps fit your mouthpiece regardless of type and brand of
ligature. Seals in moisture and protects the reed back stage and in between sets. Also quiet if it hits the stage floor during a concert!

Saxophone Mouthpiece Cap 1-3.jpg
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