Designed to alleviate pain and improve ergonomics in the right hand of the saxophone (especially soprano), the LWS is a highly customizable accessory that utilizes the thumb hook and hardware that are already on the horn. The LWS allows you to position your thumb further up on the instrument, straightening out your wrist. You can move the thumb hook anywhere over a 1.5” area, while opening up the hand position to feel more like an alto or tenor.


Current selections:
Plastic only: Keilwerth SX90, Kessler, & Cannonball sopranos
Plastic and All-brass: Yamaha (soprano), Selmer Paris (Mark VI, Series III sopranos), Yanagisawa (soprano)

All-brass only: Yamaha (alto, tenor, bari), Selmer Paris (alto, tenor, bari, and Series I & II sopranos)


If your instrument is not on the list, please email to discuss a custom made LWS


Installation Videos

All-brass Guide

Plastic Guide

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