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Located outside of Allentown, PA, Lagan Music is a full service repair shop consisting of professional saxophone repair and restoration, product development, fabrication, and sales.



Lagan Music is a full service saxophone repair shop offering services such as the professional overhaul, new horn setup, "Clean, Oil, and Adjust", and playing condition. We can also fabricate any modifications to your saxophone that you can dream of.



Home of Lagan Saver products, you can find the Lagan Lip Saver, Lagan Wrist Saver, and a number of other unique and customized products all geared towards the working saxophonist. We’re also excited to work with customers closely to design and produce anything they can dream of for the saxophone. With a fleet of 3D printers and other tooling, we can make almost anything happen.

About Brennan Lagan

Brennan Lagan started his career in saxophone as an educator and performer before training as a repairman. He’s dedicated to the instrument in all facets and is truly passionate about helping saxophonists maintain their instruments and keeping them functioning as well as possible.



"Lately I have been having a lot of problems with my lower lip because my teeth are very sharp. It got to the point to where my callous on my bottom lip got infected and I had to start taking medication and pain pills in order to play my instrument. I should have taken time off but this close to my recital that wasn’t an option. I just tried the Lagan lip saver and it has immediately allowed me to play the instrument with the same control of sound as before and pain free. I am hopeful that with continued use of the Lagan lip saver I will never run into this problem again. Thanks for engineering a great product that has come in just in time for a critical part of my degree!"

—  Connor Pratt, University of Oklahoma

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