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These Cosmic neck screws have a convenient barrel shape for easy tightening of your neck on the horn. The head is made of solid German Silver and the threads are brass. The two tone metals plus the top secret Cosmic inlay lead to a pretty stellar looking piece of gear for your horn!


Players have often preferred the ergonomics of this shape on the neck screw. Does it affect the way the horn plays, sounds, resonates, responds? Well, that's an argument that started before Adolphe Sax finished his first prototype.


Each screw is handmade right here in Macungie, Pennsylvania, and because of that no two are identical. Especially when it comes to the deep Cosmic inlay, the beauty is in the variety. 


Thread Options

please look closely at the list to find which thread fits your horn


Thread A






Thread B


Selmer Paris


Thread C




Thread D

P. Mauriat



Sets are currently available for professional Yamaha (alto only) and Selmer Paris saxophones (which have a lyre screw). If ordering a set please leave a note with make and model of saxophone.



If you are unsure, please email before ordering



Cosmic Neck Screw

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